NOx4 Learning Method


You will learn to understand English like your native language, with

NO vocabulary memorizing,

NO grammar learning,

NO pronunciation practicing,

NO native speaker hiring(No teachers at all).

You will learn on your own, at home,

Rapidly(in 6~12 months) and with FUN!

(Photo by Phil Goodwin on Unsplash)

Can you understand a movie in English without subtitles?

I can! 😎

And it took me just two months to reach that level!

Did I take a magic pill?

Yes, I did. Do you want one?

I’d been studying English for many years, but I was stuck.

I couldn’t understand a movie or TV series without subtitles, although I could read, write and talk pretty well.

When I had to speak English on the phone, Skype, or Zoom, I had to be very, very focused. And I had to say “Pardon” or “Sorry” many times.

And no matter how focused I was, I couldn’t understand it like in Mandarin, my native language. I mean, subconsciously and effortlessly.

Totally by chance, I started to understand EVERYTHING!

The interesting part was that I didn’t try to learn it, at all.

I impulsively bought some courses last year. Yes, in English. There were a bunch of videos and audio files without subtitles or transcriptions. Considering the money I spent, I decided to watch and listen no matter what.

And two months later, one day, my wife watched Friends on her phone when I was doing some stretches.

Suddenly, I realized that I clearly heard every word of the conversation. Every word!

I couldn’t believe it. I rushed to my study and tried a movie, it was true!

I was so excited that I felt like crying.

I understood EVERYTHING!😂

Do you know how it felt?

Great pleasure and total freedom!

From then on, I could listen to audiobooks or podcasts when I was driving. I could really enjoy movies, games, and songs.

Finally, eventually, officially, I could say, “I speak English,” loudly and proudly!

You know, before that moment, whenever I told somebody I spoke English, unwillingly, I knew I was an impostor. ‘Cause I could speak, that part was true. But I couldn’t understand. But nobody asked me, “Do you speak AND understand English?”.

Anyways, I was so glad.

But, I was also confused.

How did I make the breakthrough?

I’ve always read books in English, listened to songs in English, watched movies and TV shows in English, and spent time learning English as much as possible.

I studied New Concept English, VOA Learning English, tutorials about TOFEL, GRE, IELTS…

I watched Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Sex and the City, The Good Place, and many other TV series many times…

But I couldn’t get rid of the subtitles.

What changed everything?

Was It because I studied continually for two months? Was it the materials I studied? Or, was it the way I studied?

I tried to find the real, scientific reason behind it.

So I searched, read, and studied for hundreds of hours. Finally, I found out that,

The truth was, it was because I learned English like a baby.

Think about it. Babies learn a language totally by themselves.

They don’t attend language classes. They don’t learn vocabulary. They don’t learn grammar. They don’t learn pronunciation. They don’t learn English at all.

They acquire English naturally and subconsciously.

And they acquire it rapidly. It usually takes babies less than 2 years to speak fluently.

Isn’t it amazing for such little things? They are not even intelligently developed.

If they can do that, as a much more intelligent adult, you can do it as well. Does it make sense?

Long story short, I luckily used the practical method that babies used.

In fact, It was a method many polyglots(people who speak many languages, in case you don’t know this word) had used and recommended.

The method was generally called the Natural Approach. For more than forty years, linguists recommended it to language teachers. And many teachers applied it in school. Studies proved that it worked very well.

But many people, including me, don’t have a chance to attend this kind of class. Therefore it’s more meaningful to have a totally self-taught method.

So I kept researching, studying, and summarizing.

Drum roll, please…🥁🥁🥁

Let me introduce my

magic NOx4 Learning method

You can master English with

  • NO vocabulary,
  • NO grammar,
  • NO pronunciation, and
  • NO teachers.

It will take you 6 to 12 months to a native-like level.

Frankly speaking, I never thought I would become a true bilingual in my life. But after figuring out the NOx4 Learning(NO TIMES FOUR LEARNING) method, I am confident that I can learn a new foreign language every year!

So I decided to learn 5 new languages for the next 5 years. I will be a polyglot! And so will my daughters, for sure!

It’s guilty to keep this magic method to myself. I’ll definitely SELL it. hahahah~

For a valuable product like this, how much should I charge?

I’ve spent thousands of thousands of dollars on all kinds of English learning courses.

They also cost me a lot of time, energy, and emotion, which is much more valuable than money itself.

If my English was this good 35 years ago, or 25 years ago, 15 years ago, or even 5 years ago, my perspective of the world, the jobs I had, and the things I did would be pretty different.

I wish I knew that, for ordinary people, to master English, these things won’t help:

  • to memorize vocabulary,
  • to learn grammar,
  • to correct pronunciation,
  • to attend any English learning courses,
  • to hire a native speaker as a coach or language partner,
  • to chat with native speakers online,
  • to watch TV series and movies,
  • to surround yourself with English…

Only the NOx4 Learning method works.

Well, saying those above things don’t help at all is not fair. I should say they don’t help much.

It’s like, you want to get some muscle, but you just raise your arms 50 times a day. You can barely see the progress, can you?

But with a pair of dumbbells, that’ll be different.

NOx4 Learning method is those dumbbells.

NOx4 Learning method is a secret magic weapon for ordinary people.

Are there unusual people?

Yes, there are. There are language geniuses. There are people who are really good at learning. There are self-disciplined people who can learn a foreign language with a single dictionary.

I’m not any kind of these people. I guess neither are you.

As ordinary people, we are eager to learn, develop, and progress. But we get bored if the content is boring. And we fall asleep if we have to learn longer.

So almost all the courses and the language teachers cannot help us. Because most of them are boring.

NOx4 Learning method helps ordinary people. It’s magic because, first thing first, it’s interesting!

That’s essential. You learn better when you are awake and focused, right?

You may ask, the TV shows are also interesting. Why don’t they help?

Because they’re for entertaining, especially for native speakers. The content doesn’t follow language acquisition rules.

It may help a little bit, but it’s like raising bare hands to get muscle. It’s not efficient.

You may get 1-minute language skill improvement or even zero after watching 1 hour TV show.

On the contrary, the NOx4 Learning method is highly-efficient. You watch 1 hour, you get 1-hour improvement.

Being efficient is as important as being interesting. After all, we have jobs.

And we have dates, bars, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, partners, children, games, Instagram, TikTok, and life…

So if you really want your English to be as good as native speakers, the NOx4 Learning method is your interesting and efficient secret weapon.

With it, you happily watch and listen for 1 to 2 hours every day. And you get results in 6 to 12 months, which you own for your whole life. It’s worth investing in, isn’t it?

Also, the two hours can be fragmented, such as 15 minutes after lunch, half an hour commute time, or something like that. It’s even cooler, right?

How much does it cost?

For a valuable secret weapon that genuinely brings you actual results rapidly and easily, it will be a bargain if I only charge

one hundred thousand US dollars($100,000).

You don’t think so?

Think again. Think about,

how much time and money it will save for you,

how many more friends you will make,

how much more money you will make,

and how much better jobs and life you will have.

Considering the hundreds of hours I input, I could have charged a lot more.

But I definitely won’t do that. I’m not afraid that nobody will buy it, but I’m worried that it will be pirated by bad guys. It would be a good deal even if they charged only ten thousand.

So I decided to sell it for ten thousand myself.

And as I thought about it, I realized that I want not only money but also more students as a teacher.😅

So for fulfilling my ego, my advanced, mental, and spiritual achievement, It makes sense to give up some material benefits.

Well, finally I decided to launch it for FREE ($0).

Don’t miss it.

My only request is that, if the NOx4 Learning method works, you introduce more students to me. I hope I have millions of students that speak perfect English all over the world one day! 😁

This is Harry Friend from China. Nice to meet you!

Let’s learn English like a baby~